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Show EKKR; Warsaw 27-28. 02. 2016

1-st day. Masha was evaluated by the judges very well. She received Ex1 and she got the third CAC.  
She is a champion.
2-th day. Second day Masha was already more tame with the crowd visitors and she was more calm.
She received Ex1 and first certificate for INTERCHAMPION - CACIB and NOM BIS.
We are very proud of this.


International Cat Show in Skierniewice; 10.05.2015

Masha enjoyed another success, this time in the junior class.
She received a rating Ex1 and NOM BIS . She loved the judge, he said it shows promise.
He congratulated the fact, that the cat is out of Polish breed.


Show TICA; Warsaw 12.04.2015

Masha Krasnyj Jar*PL took part in the International Cat Show under the patronage of the Federation of TICA. We took part in only one day of the show but it can boast of success. Masha in 5 rings
- 4 times was the first, 1 was the second time. She competed in 4 finals, collected 830 points.


International Cat Show in Warsaw
Fabruary 21, 2015

Our youngest female, MASHA Krasnyj Jar *PL was at her first show. She behaved
beautifully and has been well evaluated by the judges. She got Ex1 and certificate Nom BIV
We are very pleased with her first success


International Cat Show in Białystok
October 12, 2014

NADZIEJA od Ivanki*PL (HOPE From Ivanka) received opinion Ex1 and third certificate CAC and Nom BIS


International Cat Show in Warsaw
September 13-14, 2014

NADZIEJA od Ivanki*PL won their first two certificates for Champion (CAC) ybr?e/div>


International Cat Show in Legionów
February 23, 2014

We are very pleased with the early success of our young females NADZIEJA Od Ivanki*PL:

- 23.02.2014 at the International Show organized by the club EKKR she received :BIV
– in youth class 7-10 months
- 23.02.2014 at the Fourth Specialist Show SIB organized by the club
she received: BIS – in youth class 7-10 months: