Welcome to my cattery

My adventure started with Siberian cats in their natural environment, in Siberia, where I was born in a family of Polish exiles, in a small village near Krasnoyarsk Solenyj - hence the name of my Cattery: "Krasnyj Jar"
My first Siberian kitten was a Birthday gift given by my parents. His was called Kidel. Kidel grew together with me and accompanied me at every step. An extremely mild, and very family friendly. I experienced a parting with him at the time of return to Poland, and promised myself that the animals will always be in my home. They were - parrots, fish, dogs and beautiful black cat Pchełka, which was a birthday gift of my daughter. So when she moved with Pchelka I stayed with my dog-a black spaniel, but without the cat.
The thought of having a cat did not leave me. I started to visit websites, exhibitions, and finally made contact with the breeders of Siberian cats.

The first cat, which I chosen was KATIA from CAT HOUSE*PL - the black dotted tortie.
I had to wait for Katia and during that time I was a visitor on cats exhibition. I wanted to start learning about cats, cattery and about everything around it. During my tour I found beautifull silver/red Siberian's female, from manor-house called USTJUSHKA from DWORKU BOJARA*PL. Finaly I returned home with her and together we were waiting for Katie about month.
Both cats have given the new rhythm of life to our house. Their beauty, happy disposition, a desire to play on the one hand, charm and commitment on the other - resulted in a desire to address the breeding. MS Jadwiga Telega and MS Danuta Matuszewska are my best teachers to become the best cattery owner as I can. Thank you very much both of you.

We are member of Association - Exclusive Club of Pedigree Cat in Warsaw
being registered in FPL Felis Polonia, which is a Polish branch of FIFe
Federation Internationale Feline.
Last updated Web: 24. 05. 2017